Smart Planning is reforming Victoria’s planning regulation to make the planning system more efficient, accessible and transparent. Reforming the Victoria Planning Provisions (VPP) is at the heart of our rules and policy work.

Smart Planning rules reform will:

  • address inconsistent and contradictory planning controls
  • make planning regulation easier to understand and interpret
  • lead to more effective and consistent decision making
  • reduce compliance and processing costs
  • reduce assessment times for some planning permit applications.

Rules reform has already delivered a suite of improvements to the planning system. This page gives you more detail about the improvements from Stages 1 and 2, including information on VC142 and VC148.

Information on Stage 3 of the program, including the translation of local planning policies into the integrated Planning Policy Framework, is coming soon.

Stage 2

The second amendment package (VC148), approved by the Minister under sections 8 and 20(4) of the Planning and Environment Act 1987, was gazetted on 31 July 2018.

Amendment VC148 has implemented changes to the Victoria Planning Provisions (VPP) and planning schemes. The amendment has added clarity to the schemes by simplifying and improving their structure, function and operation. It also has removed unnecessary regulation. It includes:

  • an integrated Planning Policy Framework
  • a simpler VPP structure with VicSmart built in
  • improvements to the structure and operation of specific clauses
  • changes that support business by removing unnecessary regulation.

More information on Amendment VC148

Visit the Amendment VC148 page for more information on the changes including:

  • A summary of changes
  • Advisory notes
  • Freqently asked questions
  • VC148 Clause Finder tool
  • Contact information for specific questions

Amendment VC148 – reforms to the Victoria Planning Provisions information

As part of the planning rules improvements, the first amendment package (VC142) was gazetted on 16 January 2018.

The package addressed issues that were identified through previous consultation and reviews, tribunal decisions and other local government, industry and community input, and included:

  • removal of redundant or excessive provisions and permit requirements for low impact matters
  • clarification of unclear provisions and removal or relocation of some administrative requirements to reduce the complexity of planning schemes
  • updated planning provisions to reflect the contemporary needs of business
  • use of contemporary land use terms and removal of out-of-date references, to ensure planning schemes are current.

More information

Stage 1

The State Planning Policy Framework (SPPF) covers strategic issues of State importance.

In 2017 Smart Planning simplified the SPPF by introducing an interim restructure to provide for regionally specific policy to be tailored into planning schemes, which led to over 3,000 pages being removed from planning schemes.

VicSmart is a 10-day fast-track planning permit assessment process for straightforward, low impact development proposals.

In 2017 Smart Planning expanded VicSmart by making more types of planning permits eligible. New VicSmart permit classes were added and some existing ones were broadened.

This change has led to an increase in VicSmart applications from 7 per cent to 14 per cent of all planning applications, making the planning system more proportionate and efficient.

More information about VicSmart

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