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Before you apply

If you need help to determine the type of approval or application for your project, request assistance from our State Project Concierge.

The concierge helps industry, councils and state projects map out planning approvals or pathways and helps resolve planning issues as applications are being assessed.

Submit a request to the State Project Concierge

The concierge also works with government agencies on their infrastructure pipeline to agree bespoke planning approaches, helping to resolve complex issues and improve certainty in the approval process. Use our program spreadsheet when submitting a pipeline or program of projects enquiry.

Big Housing Build applications

State transport or infrastructure projects

You must request access to manage state projects using our online tools before you can log in.

Request access to manage state projects online

We provide training if you are new to our online planning tools or need help to manage an application or project – submit a request for training via email. Our team will contact you to discuss your access and training requirements.

To record information for the assessment of an application involving land or property acquisition, use the the land acquisition template before submitting online.

Page last updated: 13/06/23