14 December 2023

It’s now so much easier to build a small second home thanks to changes to the Victoria Planning Provisions, building regulations and all planning schemes.

Victorians can now build a small second home without a planning permit if it is 60 square metres or less and there are no special planning controls in place.

A small second home still requires a building permit, to meet siting, amenity, design and safety requirements – and cannot be subdivided or separately sold off from the main home.

Why have these changes been made?

We all know that finding the right type of housing in the right location is getting harder and more expensive. That’s why the Victorian Government’s Housing Statement – The decade ahead 2024-2034 sets out a plan to deliver significantly more housing that better meets the needs of our wonderfully diverse community.

Small second homes on the same lot – also known as granny flats or dwelling garden units – have become more and more popular. They can give families the space to grow together, provide a critical second income, or give kids somewhere to stay when they visit for the weekend. But for many, the burden of getting a planning approval has put building a second small home in the too hard basket.

Definition of a small second home

Small second homes are 60 square metres or less with a kitchen, bathroom and toilet, located on the same lot as an existing dwelling .

Occupancy of small second homes

Anyone can live or rent out a small second home – family, friends or it can even be rented out to provide extra income to help with the increasing cost of living.

Find out more

Want to know if you meet the criteria to build a small second home at your property? Visit the small second homes webpage.

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