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What is 3D planning?

3D built form modelling is a digital representation of a physical building or urban environment in three dimensions. It is used by planners, architects, and urban designers to visualise and analyse proposed development projects.

The models can be used to assess the impact of the project on the surrounding environment, including issues such as sun shading, views and wind flows, and to communicate the proposed design to stakeholders and the public. Using 3D models can improve decision making by allowing planners to explore different design options and identify potential problems early in the planning process.

How we plan in 3D

We are improving how we work with 3D spatial data and the tools we use to perform complex spatial analysis and development assessment.

We use advanced 3D modelling and visualisation technology to model, analyse and visualise planning development proposals for buildings, activity centres, precincts and infrastructure. We have extensive experience applying advanced digital tools, customised scripts and plugins to deliver complex built form modelling across a single site, activity centre or precinct.

Watch the video to see how 3D modelling and visualisation supports statutory and strategic planning projects.

3D modelling and visualisation service

Project showcase: Geelong growth capacity modelling

Central Geelong required a clear vision and high-level guidance for land use and development for the next 30 years to develop the Geelong Framework Plan.

We created a 3D solution of parametric modelling on a web-based spatial platform using game engine technology to develop growth capacity modelling.  We provided 3D modelling and visualisation support, including procuring a contextual dataset to help the planning team understand and communicate potential growth capacity for Central Geelong in 2050.

7 emerging precincts were identified based around key land-use themes:

  • Major retail and hospitality
  • Health and well-being
  • Arts and culture
  • Knowledge, innovation and learning
  • Services
  • Inner urban living
  • Waterfront
Central Geelong framework plan

Submit a 3D model to the Minister for Planning

3D models are submitted in areas where the Minister for Planning is the responsible authority and at key strategic sites. 3D modelling forms a key part of the assessment process for planning permits.

The 3D digital model submission guide provides guidance when submitting models for assessment.

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