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In Winchelsea there is capacity for 100 residential lots (10 years supply) on zoned land and an additional 300 residential lots (19 years supply) on land planned to be rezoned.

Over the last decade, population in Surf Coast has grown by 11,000 people to reach a population of 37,600. Around 450 dwellings per year have been built over the last 10 years to accommodate that population growth, with this activity primarily occurring in Torquay in a mix of larger greenfield developments and infill sites.

Greenfield supply

At end of June 2022 there were an estimated 396 retail lots in unzoned and zoned englobo greenfield land. There were also enough potential major residential infill sites for an estimated 53 retail lots. Major infill is not included in the greenfield years of supply calculation.

An additional 99 zoned proposed lots in a low density (LDRZ) subdivision have also been identified in Winchelsea. Development in the Low Density Residential Zone (LDRZ) is not included in greenfield take up or supply calculations.

Estimated retail lot supply June 2022

Major infill is not included calculation of greenfield years of supply.

Area and type UnzonedZonedProposed Total supply
Winchelsea – Greenfield 262 116 18 396
Winchelsea – Major infill 0 32 21 53
Total 26214839 449

Retail lots released with a title

Years of supply is estimated from long- and short-term average lot greenfield release. Retail lots are considered released when a title has been registered and ready to construct a dwelling on.

Between 2018 and 2021 retail lot production has been averaging around 10 lots p.a. Since 2018 the level of retail lot production has been varied. In the first half of 2022 no lots have been released. In 2021, 51 lots were released in a major infill development, these are not shown in the graph below.

Greenfield retail lots 2015 to July 2022

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Size of greenfield retail lots

Changes in lot sizes can vary estimates of future supply. If recent lots are smaller than in the past, the estimated capacity of englobo land is increased.

Since 2015 all greenfield lots have been over 800 m2.

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Size of englobo lots

The size of englobo lots can also vary the rate at which greenfield land is developed. Large englobo lots, such as those over 10 hectares, can be easier to transform into larger developments. Smaller lots can provide opportunities for small to medium sized developments.

In Winchelsea 0 zoned englobo lots have an area of 10 hectares or more which is estimated to produce 0 retail lots.

Estimated retail lot yield by englobo lot size

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Some englobo parcels known to be within the same development have been combined.

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