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The option to split an exhibited amendment will be available when the amendment’s status is Submissions under assessment or Adoption Under Consideration, with the option found in the Planning Authority decision form.

Splitting an amendment will;

  • Update the status of the amendment being split to Split Parent and will automatically change to completed
  • Create new amendments for each of the split parts as new active amendments (these can be found on the amendment dashboard)

Where ordinance changes existed in the split parent which need to be included in the child amendment, they will need to be re-entered into the relevant child amendments via the Ordinance changes tool and where necessary also require the authoring of ordinance to be completed again in ATS Authoring (Keystone).

  1. From the amendment details screen, select the Planning Authority decision form.
    Highlighting of planning authority decision form button with step 1
  2. At the Submit a decision page, select Split.
    Step 2 Highlighting of submit a decision page with option to split
  3. Enter the number of splits and date of split and click Submit. The system will process the request and create child amendments. This process may take some time.
    Step 3 highlighting the fields for number of splits and date of split as well as the submit button
  4. Once the split has been completed, you will be returned to the amendment details screen and it is important that you reload the web page to see the updated status.
    Step 4 highlighting the split parent progress bar
  5. Return to the dashboard select the All active tab. Filter the listing to see the child amendments from the split.
    Step 5 highlighting the finished tab and finished amendments where the split parent amendment is listed
  6. The parent amendment will be listed under the Finished tab.
    Step 6 highligting the all active amendments where the split amendments are showing
  7. If the child amendment requires changes to ordinances you will need to use the Ordinance changes tool and update ordinance content using ATS Authoring (Keystone) where needed.

Page last updated: 01/06/24