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Create, progress and submit an amendment

Create an amendment in the tracking dashboard by selecting 'Create an amendment'.

When the form is submitted you will be allocated an amendment number. The amendment details screen shows available options to continue based on the status of the amendment.

All forms include guidance text and a progress bar to show which mandatory fields have not been completed. When all required fields are completed, you will be able to be submit to the department.

When an amendment is in 'Draft' status it can be submitted for draft review – available under the 'Submit options' page.

Supporting documents are scanned for viruses on upload, depending on the size of the socuments this may take time.

Planning Panels requests will be actioned by an officer from Planning Panels Victoria (PPV).

When the planning authority is ready to make a decision on an exhibited amendment they must submit the following forms in the order listed:

  1. Planning authority decision form, where the planning authority can choose to adopt, split, or abandon the amendment
  2. Submit for approval form if applicable.

Change details of an amendment

'Change amendment details' is available when the amendment is with the department, under exhibition or Panels.

It will allow you to update the amendment title, description, affected land details and upload revised supporting documents.

Update contact details

To update a Planning Manager or Planning Director contract, send details to planning.support@delwp.vic.gov.au.


  • Account to be updated
  • Planning Manager or Planning Director.

Page last updated: 19/06/23