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The Amendment tracking system (ATS) is used by planning authorities to create and manage planning scheme amendments. ATS has two components: tracking and authoring.

Amendment tracking

You can use tracking to:

  • access amendment records created by your planning authority
  • create an amendment
  • update primary contact
  • complete application forms
  • request a panel
  • change an ordinance
  • upload supporting documents
  • manage access for your planning authority

Log in to Amendment tracking

Amendment authoring and interim publish

You can use authoring and interim publish to:

  • insert changes to ordinance
  • produce a PDF of ordinance
  • compare ordinance to planning scheme master.

Log in to Amendment authoring

Log in to Amendment interim publish

Access for new users

Approved staff from Victorian responsible authorities are given access to the Amendment tracking system. Existing users can add new people to their group in ‘Manage groups’ when logged into the system.

Speak to an approved user in your organisation, or contact Planning Support to request access.

Adding a user to ATS Tracking will automatically provide the user access to the ATS Authoring (Keystone) system.

Training material and schedules

Help with access and logging in

Help and support

Select a guide to read step-by-step instructions to complete tasks in the Amendment tracking system.

Page last updated: 06/06/24