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Permit and application reporting

Our state-wide planning permit and application reporting dashboard allows you to view monthly, quarterly and annual reports of planning application data for Victoria.

Planning activity data can identify trends in planning permit applications. This helps to:

  • find out about development trends
  • identify problems in the planning system
  • understand reasons for permit workload volumes in council areas
  • compare how planning works in metropolitan and rural areas in Victoria
  • give councils helpful information for managing resources.

Our reporting changes as data is submitted by responsible authorities. If you are using data from this reporting, refer to the report generated date and data accuracy section that contains details about missing data.

Reports produced between 2003 and 2015 are available on request.

Data dictionary

The data dictionary standardises reporting of planning data by councils. It provides explanations for each field in the reports and clarifies different terminology used between councils.

Uploading data

Victorian councils securely upload and download their planning permit and application data to us for reporting purposes. Access to the system is provided to authorised users only.

PPARS has recently been upgraded and we have worked with responsible authorities and planning system vendors to transition all data uploads to the new system.

The legacy system is no longer available for submission of data. Reports will be unaffected.

Responsible authorities can upload council permit data in 2 ways:

  1. Manually upload council permit data – now available to all councils
  2. Direct integration with planning permit systems.

Log in to upload council permit data

For information about integrating with our reporting system contact Planning Support or your planning system vendor.

Access for new users

Approved staff from Victorian responsible authorities are given access to upload data to our reporting system. Existing users can add new people to their group in ‘Manage groups’ when logged into the system.

Speak to an approved user in your organisation, or contact Planning support to request access.

Sub-regional groupings

Our reporting allows you to filter data at a sub-regional level.

Check the council areas in each sub-regional grouping on the map.

Page last updated: 31/07/23