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On 31 May 2023, PDF Maps became available on Planning Schemes Online (PSO).  This new feature completes the transition of all major functions from our old website onto PSO. This is an important milestone in the digital transformation of planning schemes. New PDF Map features in PSO include:

  • Users can now view the list of PDF maps and interactive map tool at the same time
  • The list of PDF maps now scrolls together with the interactive map
  • Users can quickly see when a map was last updated, and can now easily quickly through to the amendment which changed it
  • Maps will be available faster to users due to reduction in manual handling and upload time
  • The map grid is still available but is no longer clickable following changes to the map list and tool.

Incorporated documents

After selecting a planning scheme, view its incorporated documents by selecting the incorporated documents tab.

Search by an amendment number or document name and filter using a date of operation, status or location.


Using planning scheme histories

Planning scheme histories allow you to view a planning scheme (ordinance and maps) as it was at a certain point in time.

After selecting a planning scheme view its history by selecting the histories tab. This takes you to a list of histories for the planning scheme. The list provides a summary of the amendment that changed the planning scheme and the date it came into operation.

Planning scheme histories are available over 3 time periods:

13 April 2022 onwards

These planning scheme histories are provided in a HTML format.

  • Ordinance and maps are available via the navigator menu and tabs
  • A combined PDF of the entire historic planning scheme is available
  • After selecting an ordinance section, a PDF version can be opened or a copy obtained to paste into a Word or other text document.

1998 to 12 April 2022

Planning scheme histories for this time period are available in a table with tabs for ordinance and maps.

These documents are all available in pdf format

1946 to 1997

Planning scheme records from 1946 to the introduction of Victoria's 'new format' planning schemes (1997-2000) may be viewed at Public Record Office Victoria (PROV).

By selecting the link, you will be taken to a page that lists the content of series held at PROV with instructions on how to access the series information.


Navigating a planning scheme

Planning schemes contain maps and ordinance. Policies and written clauses are under the ‘Ordinance’ tab, and the ‘Maps’ tab will show where zones and overlays apply.

Find out more about planning schemes.

To navigate within a planning scheme, use the menu on the left of the planning scheme by selecting the ˅ icon to expand sections. This reveals the clauses, sub–clauses and schedules as you continue to expand. Select the title in the menu to display ordinance information.

To close, use the ˄ icon, or ‘Collapse all’ at the top of the menu.

Search within a planning scheme

To find a specific ordinance in a planning scheme use the search on the left of the planning scheme. You can search by:

  • an ordinance number, for example, ‘23.02’
  • keywords, for example, ‘biodiversity’ or ‘bushfire’
  • a map code, such as DDO24 or HO23
  • an amendment number, such as C123 or VC148

Search results show all instances of the search term used, check all results to see if the section you are looking for has been returned.

Copy a clause, sub clause or schedule

After locating a clause, sub-clause or schedule, open a PDF version or copy and paste by selecting an option next to the title.

The PDF option will open a downloadable PDF version of the section you are viewing only. The Copy option will save the ordinance you are viewing so you can paste it into a Word or other text document.

View more than one section at a time

To view more than one section, you can open clauses, sub-clauses and schedules in a new browser tab.

Navigate to a section in the planning scheme and right click on the title in the menu. Select the 'Open link in new tab' option and a new browser tab will open next to the current one.


Using interactive maps

You can use the maps to search for a property address, generate a planning report or view planning controls.

Select the 'Maps' tab and wait for the interactive map to load.

Select the search icon on the map and enter an address, then choose an address from the list of properties in the search box.

The map will take you to the selected address. Planning scheme zones and map sheet numbers are displayed by default on the map.

View planning controls for a property

After searching for an address, view planning controls applicable to a property on the map by selecting the ‘Planning controls’ option in the Property address popup. This will create a list of current policies for the property.

Select a planning control from the list to open the policy in a new browser tab.

View planning scheme overlays

To see planning scheme overlays, use the menu on the right-hand side of the map.

Check the ‘Planning scheme overlays’ option, and then select the overlay types you want to view on the map.

You can add or remove any of the map layers in the menu as required.

Page last updated: 15/06/23