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About the greenfield monitor

The quarterly greenfield monitor provides information about the level of residential subdivision activity in Melbourne’s growth areas and selected regional cities and towns.

We monitor the number and average area of:

  • proposed lots
  • lots released with a title.

The Urban Development Program monitors the entire greenfield pipeline. The program provides an annual assessment of this supply and the take-up of greenfield land.

This report monitors the subdivision component of the greenfield pipeline.

The pipeline goes from unzoned englobo land, for example, large paddocks, to the subdivision of land to create housing lots, called 'retail lots'. The creation of lots with a title is the final step in the subdivision process and forms the basis of this report.

flow cluster_A Reported on annually by the UDP Greenfield cluster_0 Englobo greenfield land supply cluster_B Reported on by the Quarterly Greenfield Monitor cluster_1 Retail lot supply A Unzoned englobo land requiring a PSP B Zoned englobo land A->B C Proposed lots B->C D Lots with a title C->D

Proposed lots refers to land in the subdivision process that has yet be registered and provided with a title. They are a snapshot of lots in the subdivision process at any one time. Lots that have been released with a title have completed the final step in the subdivision process and are ready for dwellings to be built on them.

Melbourne's growth areas

In metropolitan Melbourne this report covers the same geographic area as the Urban Development Program. It includes greenfield land within the urban growth boundary in the municipalities of Cardinia, Casey, Hume, Melton, Mitchell, Whittlesea and Wyndham.

Number of lots released with a title

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Number of proposed lots

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Average lot area – released and proposed (m2)

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