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Smart Planning was a reform program to make Victoria’s planning system more efficient and accessible.

Through Stages 1 and 2, Smart Planning simplified planning rules and delivered a suite of modern digital tools. Stage 3 of the program built on the initiatives already delivered.

Stage 3 officially concluded on 30 June 2021.  Planning reform remains a key focus of government to deliver a more efficient planning system that provides market certainty and community confidence. Refer here for further information

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Smart Planning reform initiatives

Planning rules reforms

Smart Planning made a significant contribution to reforming Victoria's planning regulations to make the planning system more efficient, accessible and transparent.

Planning Policy Framework (PPF) translation

Smart Planning has worked collaboratively with locals councils to translate and integrate the local planning policy of council planning schemes into the new Planning Policy Framework (PPF).

Amendment Tracking System (ATS) rollout

The authoring component of ATS enables planning authorities to draft, amend and publish planning scheme amendments.  ATS was rolled out to all councils between October 2018 and July 2019 as part of the migration of planning schemes into the ATS digital database. All amendments to planning provisions must now be processed using ATS.

More information on ATS

HTML planning schemes

Planning schemes are now available in HTML. The new web format differs in form and style for improved online viewing, searching and accessibility.

Permits Online

Permits Online is a new platform for lodging, managing and tracking ministerial permit applications online.


VicPlan is an interactive mapping tool that provides location-based zone and overlay information. Users can generate a planning report, draw on and mark-up the map, measure dimensions, apply a range of map layers and access many other useful tools.

Resource Library

The new planning Resource Library provides online search and access to more than 2100 incorporated documents and other planning materials. Incorporated documents can also be viewed from a tab in the online planning scheme.

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