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The proposal for the park has been prepared by the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change.

The Minister for Planning has referred the proposal to the independent Regional Parks Standing Advisory Committee for consideration and to provide recommendations on the suitability of the proposed planning scheme changes.

Municipality: Melton City Council

Aerial view of Kororoit creek regional park


Proposed changes to the Melton Planning Scheme Amendment GC99 include:

  • Apply the Public Acquisition Overlay 10 (PAO10) to part of the site proposed for the Kororoit Creek Regional Park
  • Update Clause 45.01 of the scheme to list the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change as the acquiring authority for the relevant land.


Submissions were taken from 28 May 2018 until 5pm 6 July 2018. Submissions are now closed.

For more information about the advisory committee process, please refer to the Engage Vic website.

Advisory committee report

The Advisory Committee recommended that Amendment GC99 to the Casey, Melton and Wydham planning schemes be approved. 

Read the Advisory Committee's report and recommendations:

Minister for Planning's decision

The Minister for Planning has approved Amendment GC99 to the Casey, Melton and Wyndham planning schemes as exhibited. The Minister supported all recommendations of the advisory committee.

Read the Minister's response to the Advisory Committee's recommendations:

Changes to the planning provisions for land required for the three new regional parks were gazetted on 14 November 2019. View the amendment details:

Updates on the Kororoit Regional Park

For more information read the park update and information sheet for the Kororoit Regional Park:

Biodiversity values of the Kororoit Regional Park

The Kororoit Creek Regional Park has highly significant native grassland values. This includes large areas of the critically endangered Natural Temperate Grassland vegetation community as well as habitat for a number of nationally threatened flora and fauna species. The regional park will be managed to protect and enhance these grassland values.

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