The Minister for Planning has approved Amendment VC152 which introduces reforms to clarify existing permit exemptions and streamline permit application processes for specified accommodation land uses in the Victoria Planning Provisions.

Existing Clause 52.22 Crisis Accommodation, Clause 52.23 Shared Housing and Clause 52.24 Community Care Unit are replaced by two new particular provisions:

  • Clause 52.22 - Community care accommodation (which supersedes Community care unit and Crisis accommodation)
  • Clause 52.23 - Rooming House (which supersedes Shared housing).

You can view the approved planning provisions that form part of Amendment VC152 or as part of the Victoria Planning Provisions.

The department consulted on the following draft provision and the information sheet below:

This provision proposed a streamlined process for the development of no more than 10 dwellings by, or on behalf of, a public authority such as the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

This provision has not yet been approved.

Clause 52.22 - Community Care Accommodation

The approved provision provides permit exemptions for the use and development of land for community care accommodation where it is funded or provided by, or on behalf of, a government department or public authority if specified requirements are met. Applications are exempt from the notice and review requirements.

Clause 52.23 - Rooming house

Clause 52.23 - Shared housing is now replaced with a new Clause 52.23 - Rooming house (a new land use term) which provides a permit exemption for use and development of land for a rooming house where specified requirements are met, supporting the development of domestic scale rooming houses. 

The consultation draft provision and the information sheet are provided below:

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Page last updated: 08/05/19