Sites currently going through the Government Land Standing Advisory Committee

The Minister for Planning has referred the following sites to the Government Land Standing Advisory Committee for advice on the proposed planning provisions.

Read information on sites that are currently under consideration. This includes sites where consultation and public hearings have finished.

Read the final outcome and background information on sites that are now completed.

Sites open for comment or have public hearings scheduled

Open for Comment:

Public hearings in relation to the sites listed below have been adjourned. Please refer to the Advisory Committee webpage for further information.


Managing planning provisions on surplus land

The Fast Track Government Land Service (FTGL Service) manages planning scheme changes relating to surplus government land. This includes ensuring that appropriate planning provisions are in place on government land, correcting anomalies and updating planning scheme provisions to accurately reflect planning use and development.

Government sites are usually zoned Public Use Zone (PUZ) to reflect their public ownership and purpose. PUZ sites cannot be sold to the private sector. Therefore, an appropriate zone, and any other relevant planning provisions, is required. This ensures that PUZ sites have consistent requirements and the same opportunities as other privately held land.

Landowning agencies and departments that require planning scheme changes for their land can apply for assistance through the FTGL Service. 

More information on the Fast Track Government Land Service

Preliminary Assessment Report

The first step is for the landowning agency or department to complete a Preliminary Assessment Report (PAR) request form (DOCX, 121.79 KB) and a Surplus Land Declaration form (DOCX, 119.98 KB).  This information will be used to determine the appropriate planning scheme, costs and timing for consideration

The Surplus Statement confirms that the site has been deemed surplus in accordance with Victorian Government policy.

Government Land Standing Advisory Committee

As part of the planning scheme amendment process, it may be recommended that the planning proposal be referred to the Government Land Standing Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee will provide independent advice on the planning proposal to the Minister for Planning.

More Information

For information on how a site is determined to be surplus, refer to the Victorian Government Landholding Policy and Guidelines

For information on how governments buy and sell land, refer to the Victorian Government Land Transactions Policy and Guidelines (PDF, 609.15 KB)

For information on where land is crown land refer to the Victorian Government Strategic Assessment Policy and Guidelines (PDF, 269.78 KB)

For any further questions please contact the Fast Track Government Land Service on (03) 8683 0901 or