The Planning and Environment Act 1987 allows certain documents to be incorporated in a planning scheme by reference, rather than by including them in the scheme itself.

Incorporated documents are included in the list in:

  • the Table to Clause 81.01 (statewide); or
  • the Schedule to Clause 81.01 (local) of the planning scheme.

Generally, where reference to a document is specifically required because the document affects the operation of the planning scheme, the document, or relevant part of the document, should be incorporated and read as part of the scheme.

Find information about the difference between an incorporated document and a reference document in Planning Practice Note 13: Incorporated and reference documents (PDF, 274.8 KB) or (DOC, 96.5 KB)


Documents which have been incorporated into a planning scheme by a local council (Schedule to Clause 81.01) form part of that planning scheme. They must be available for inspection at that council's offices and at the department's offices. The council should be able to advise if you can get copies of these incorporated documents.


Statewide incorporated documents (Table to Clause 81.01) are available from the organisations listed below. As part of every planning scheme, they are available for inspection at any local council and at the department's offices. If a document is not available online, please contact the relevant departmental office or the council to make an appointment to view it.

Statewide (VPP) incorporated documents

  • Building in bushfire-prone areas - CSIRO & Standards Australia (SAA HB36-1993), May 1993
  • Australian Standard AS/NZS 2890.1-2004. Parking Facilities - Part 1: Off-street car parking. Standards Australia
  • Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1158.3.1:1999, Road Lighting, Part 3.1:Pedestrian Area (Category P) lighting - Performance and installation design requirements, Standards Australia/Standards New Zealand 1999
  • Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS1158.1.1:1997, Road Lighting, Part 1.1:Vehicular traffic (Category V) lighting - Performance and installation design requirements, Standards Australia/Standards New Zealand 1997
  • Australian Standard AS2890.3-1993, Parking Facilities Part 3: Bicycle parking facilities. Standards Australia 1993
  • Australian Standard AS2890.2-2002, Parking facilities: Off-street commercial vehicle facilities, Standards Australia 2002

Available from SAI Global

  • Australian Rainfall and Run-off - A guide to flood estimation, Volume 1, The Institution of Engineers, Australia, Reprinted edition 2001

Available from Engineers Media

  • Guide to Road Design, Part 6A: Pedestrian and Cyclist Paths, Austroads
  • Design Vehicles and Turning Path Templates, Austroads, 1995 (AP-34/95)
  • Pavement Design - A Guide to Structural Design of Road Pavements, Austroads, (AP-17/92)

Available from Austroads Guides