2012 Metro UDP Cover Small


  • 374,500 potential lots on residential broadhectare land across metropolitan Melbourne
  • 2,100 residential redevelopment projects yielding an estimated 168,000 dwellings
  • Just over 11,000 broadhectare lots were constructed in Melbourne's growth area municipalities in 2011-12, below the average of around 12,000 per year over the period from 2001-02 to 2011-12. However, there were 12,700 additional lots under construction
  • Industrial land consumption declined significantly as a result of the Global Financial Crisis, and has only just started to pick up again in 2011-12. Prior to the Global Financial Crisis, metropolitan Melbourne experienced its highest level of development for the decade from 2004.


Download the 2012 Urban Development Program Report:


The Subregional Overview Maps show each of the existing and proposed broadhectare residential areas, major residential redevelopment sites, as well as existing and proposed industrial areas.

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