Delivering a mix of Private and Social Housing on Surplus Government Land

The Victorian Government is committed to better meeting the housing needs of Victorians by utilising surplus government land, with good access to jobs and transport, for redevelopment for housing.

As part of the government’s housing strategy, Homes for Victorians the Government will undertake an Inclusionary Housing Pilot (IHP) on six surplus government land parcels, delivering up to 100 new social housing homes across the sites. It’s a new and innovative way to think about housing. The six sites are set out in the section below.

Consultation for planning proposals

The Fast Track Government Land Service will facilitate consultation for each site and will include an opportunity for interested parties to view the planning proposal, ask questions and make submissions to the independent Government Land Standing Advisory Committee (Advisory Committee). There will also be an opportunity to make verbal submissions at public hearings held by the Advisory Committee for the sites listed below:

Under consideration

Consultation yet to commence

  • 30-40 Athol Road, Noble Park
  • 16-20 Dumbarton Street, Reservoir

Prior to this process, the Department of Treasury and Finance met with each local Council.  This consultation process has informed recommended planning control provisions for each site to be considered by the Advisory Committee

What is the Process?

A public panel process will be undertaken via the Advisory Committee to consider appropriate rezoning and other relevant consideration such as whether retention of open space and native vegetation, height controls, parking and access issues for example. The focus will be on delivering planning certainty including rezoning and development potential, and establishing partnerships with private sector developers to deliver new social housing.

Proposals will be sought through an Expression of Interest process and evaluated to make sure they deliver best value for money, and the best options for social housing.

Sites most likely to be appropriate will be vacant government land in areas where people want to live.

Government Land Standing Advisory Committee

The Minister for Planning has referred four inclusionary housing pilot sites (listed below) for consideration to the Government Land Standing Advisory Committee (Advisory Committee).

The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to:

  • To advise the Minister for Planning on the suitability of changes to planning provisions for land owned, proposed to be owned in the future or to facilitate the delivery of priority projects by the Victorian Government;
  • provide a view on the appropriateness of proposed planning controls to accommodate more intensive residential built form for the purposes of the IHP and
  • to provide a recommendation whether the Minister for Planning or the local Council should be the Responsible Authority for administering the IHP.

What is Social Housing?

Social housing is short and long-term rental housing that is owned and run by the government or not-for-profit agencies.

Social housing is made up of two types of housing; public housing and community housing. It is for people on low incomes who need housing, especially those who have recently experienced homelessness, family violence or have other special needs.

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