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Need support?

If you need help to determine the type of approval or application for your project, contact us before you apply to discuss your project.

We can help you to work out where to apply.

Contact the Planning team

1. Before you apply

Request a meeting with a planner to discuss your project, identify areas of concern or to confirm what you need to provide for an application.

A pre-application meeting helps to make sure you supply all the necessary information for your project at the start, and gets you a decision faster.

Request a pre-application meeting

2. Applying for a planning permit or application

Apply online for privately funded development projects, or applications where the Minister for Planning is the responsible authority.

Lodge an application for a planning permit or a Vicsmart planning permit, a development plan, demolition consent or request an exemption from the Minister for Planning.

You can track the progress of a submitted application online.

3. After approval

Changes may be needed after a permit has been approved, or your permit may have been approved subject to conditions being met.

You can submit an application online to change conditions or amend an approved permit, make a request to extend the timing of an approved permit or have plans endorsed.

Page last updated: 04/07/24