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Schemes and amendments

Amendment Tracking System

  • Fields for housing statement reporting
  • Delegates process for Authorisations
  • New amendment sub-statuses
  • New Panel record type ‘Post Exhibition Panel Update’
  • Various lodgement process improvements

  • Fixes to the live business days timers for approval stage.
  • Data processing improvements between Dynamics and Planning Schemes Online.
  • Improvements to content templates.
  • Additional monitoring features.

  • New Incorporated documents changes tool.
  • New SharePoint folder labels.
  • What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editing available.
  • Review mode for viewing a document is switched off.

Permits and applications

Ministerial permits and applications

  • New Planning Facilitation system, replacing previous Development Facilitation Portal.
  • Pre-applications and general enquiries can now be lodged through the new Planning Facilitation system.
  • All account details and requests migrated from previous Development Facilitation Portal.
  • Improved user experience and design consistent with online lodgement of Ministerial permits.
  • New integrated spatial tool for for Ministerial permits and Development Facilitation applications (excluding title upload).

Data, spatial and insights

Planning Permit Activity Reporting System

  • New public reporting dashboard, adding new summary page, layout and navigation.
  • New data extracts available for download, including processing days to RA outcome, processing days to final outcome & number of submissions.
  • Update to all PPARS data dictionaries to include new VCAT grounds for appeal types.

Victorian Planning Portal

Victorian Planning Portal launch

  • New single-entry point and login experience to access Victoria’s digital planning and data services.
  • A centralised and consistent approach to support users to easily navigate through the digital planning tools they need.

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