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Victorian Planning Portal

Victorian planning websites, schemes and amendments, permits and applications, and data spatial and insights

Transforming planning in Victoria

Planning in Victoria is now quicker and easier using the Victorian Planning Portal.

The portal is the single entry point to Victoria’s planning system. It replaces paper-based processes with more convenient and accessible digital self-service options.

New automated systems simplify online applications and provide trustworthy data in real-time.

The portal is one area of Victoria’s digital planning system. Explore the four interconnected areas of the Digital planning system below.

This work has been made possible through funding from the digital planning reforms.

What you can do

The Digital planning system has four key areas.

The systems and services that make up the Victorian planning system each belong to one of these four areas.

Together they provide a connected experience of planning in Victoria.

Victorian planning portal

The planning website is the one place to guide planning in Victoria. It hosts the Victorian Planning Portal - the one place connecting planning professionals, applicants and proponents, councils and referral agencies with service tools.
It’s supported by other subject-specific websites for Heritage Victoria, Building Victoria and Planning Panels Victoria.

Schemes and amendments

Search, view and make changes to Victorian planning schemes.

To learn more about these services, visit Planning schemes.

Permits and applications

Lodge an application or seek advice on approval pathways.

To learn more about these services, visit the Planning approvals.

Data, spatial and insights

Access and engage with planning data, maps and visualisations.

To learn more about these services, visit Data, spatial and insights.

Engagement to drive innovation

System release notes

To improve user experience, functionality and performance we regularly update the tools and services within the digital planning system.

Updates are documented as release notes and published monthly.

Requests for system updates can be submitted to

Digital planning surveys

The last digital planning survey was conducted in late 2021, it enabled Victorian councils to have their say on gaps, opportunities and priorities for digital planning uplift in Victoria.

The survey had 100 per cent uptake with all 79 councils participating and informed the $4m digital planning grants program. For
more information on these surveys contact

User surveys

In mid-2023 we commenced user surveys to better understand how our systems are and services are meeting the needs of the planning community:

  • Digital planning portal
  • Planning Permit Activity Reporting System

Surveys will be conducted on an annual basis to help us identify continuous improvement opportunities.

Ongoing feedback

Share your feedback with us on how we can improve the Digital planning system.

For feedback and technical enquiries, please contact

Feedback is important to us with ‘feedback’ buttons included within all our planning systems.

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