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Victoria’s Housing Statement, The Decade Ahead 2024-2034, aims to deliver 80,000 new homes each year across the state. The Government is working to clear the backlog of planning permit applications and planning scheme amendments that have been in the system longer than 6 months.

The case management process

When a project has been delayed in the planning system the Department of Transport and Planning’s case management team may get involved, which can be at the request of a stakeholder such as a council, developer, or another government agency.

The team can facilitate resolutions by:

  • convening relevant parties to work together toward a solution
  • establishing an agreed mediation process
  • coordinating the key steps required to finalise a determination
  • liaising between the responsible authority and applicant
  • when needed, and in a tightly defined set of circumstances, recommend using the Minister for Planning legislative call-in powers to make a decision.

The case management team is not responsible for the determination or approval of projects. Our role is to proactively work with developers, councils and agencies to resolve issues that are delaying decision-making, to ensure timely determinations. Case management does not guarantee an approval.

Project selection

The decision to case manage a project is at the discretion of DTP, which makes an assessment based on whether the project is delayed and meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • Planning permit applications – Residential development at least $10M development cost and can demonstrate it has been unreasonably delayed more than 6 months by the responsible authority or a referral agency.
  • Planning Scheme Amendments (PSA) – A PSA that proposes a rezoning or other statutory controls which would facilitate a significant housing development if approved and can demonstrate that it is being unreasonably delayed by the planning authority from seeking authorisation. The PSA must include residential development that will result in a residential development of greater than $10 million if approved.

The Department’s case management service is not suitable for projects that have commenced a VCAT proceeding.

Request assistance

A response detailing the reasons for the delay must be submitted with all case management service requests for assistance.

For an informal chat about a project that meets the criteria please email case.management@transport.vic.gov.au

Applicants are encouraged to submit a request to the case management services team if they meet the applicable eligibility criteria.

Request case management assistance

Page last updated: 24/06/24