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Data Exchange

The Data Exchange is a secure, online web portal and API that facilitates the sharing and exchange of urban and regional planning data between local councils and state government partners.

This platform supports the integration and enhancement of data, enabling more effective collaboration and coordinated planning efforts.

By utilizing the Data Exchange, government partners can seamlessly share information related to housing, infrastructure, services, heritage, and public open spaces. This streamlined data sharing process fosters better planning and decision-making, ensuring that community needs are met in a cohesive and efficient manner.

Public sector organisation looking to access and share Planning data including Planning Permit Activity, Victoria in Future projects and more, please contact planning.support@transport.vic.gov.au.

Planning Permit Activity Reporting

Councils can now upload planning permit activity reports via a new API. The new API allows for both real-time and batch uploads.

The new PPARS platform also enables councils to download a range of summary reports to support their own internal reporting and LGPRF reporting for Know your council.

All downloadable reports are also available via secure API. Council looking to take advantage of the new reports and APIs should contact planning.support@transport.vic.gov.au.

Spatial APIs

VicPlan spatial data is available via a spatial web service for inclusion in your own spatial projects.

The Property Report API including zones and overlays applying to a property.

For more information on VicPlan APIs contact planning.mappingservices@transport.vic.gov.au.

Page last updated: 01/07/24