The Victorian Government has identified Victoria’s building and construction sector as a key mechanism to revitalise Victoria’s economy during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Builders, constructors and developers are grappling with unseen conditions in delivering projects that would otherwise have run to schedule and without disruption.

Following the success of the Building Victoria’s Recovery Taskforce Priority Project Fast-Track pilot program, the Minister for Planning has established a twelve-month Development Facilitation Program within the department to speed up the assessment and determination of identified priority projects that:

  • deliver investment into the Victorian economy,
  • keep people in jobs, and
  • provide a substantial public benefit.

Priority Projects

Project selection

A project must meet the eligibility criteria below to be recommended for an accelerated assessment and determination. A recommended project does not mean an approved project.

The usual planning rules and policies apply. All projects assessed and implemented under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Projects are ineligible where the Minister for Planning:

  • is currently the responsible authority; and/or
  • has authorised or directed the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) to prepare or implement a plan for an identified precinct.


Specific criteria have been established to prioritise the assessment and determination of priority projects. The three essential criteria for accelerated assessment and determination include:

  • The project is of state or regional significance and will have a significant short to medium term economic impact.
  • The project is  “shovel ready” and has investment certainty.
  • The technical and compliance matters are resolved or have a clear resolution pathway.
  • The views of relevant stakeholders are known.
  • The project is dependent on a decision timeframe.
  • The project has been unreasonably delayed or impeded.
  • The project aligns with government policy and priorities; and
  • The project will deliver or is a stimulus to deliver significant public benefit.

Please see below for more information on the eligibility criteria.

If you consider your project meets the eligibility criteria for accelerated assessment and determination, you will need to apply via the Development Facilitation Portal.

For help in using the portal, see the following guides:

Start your application via the Development Facilitation Portal

For answers to your Frequently Asked Questions, please see the below documents:

Frequently Asked Questions - PDF (PDF, 228.4 KB) and (DOCX, 439.5 KB)


A dedicated facilitation team has been established within DELWP to oversee the program to ensure it is robust and transparent with assistance from Invest Victoria.

The team will facilitate projects for accelerated assessment and determination, which includes:

  • planning permits; and
  • planning scheme amendments.

All projects will be considered under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 including probity and confidentiality and will be subject to the same level of rigorous assessment and opportunity for consultation as per the standard approvals process.

We have redirected resources within DELWP to ensure all projects identified for accelerated assessment are determined quickly by a dedicated team.

Before the Minister for Planning makes a decision, DELWP's priority projects team will undertake a detailed merits assessment. Including (where required) notification to:

  • the relevant council,
  • referral authorities and stakeholders; and
  • potentially the independent review by the Priority Projects Standing Advisory Committee.
Select image to enlarge.Project assessment workflow diagram - steps detailed below
  1. Priority Project application lodged via portal
  2. Project assessed by the Development Facilitation Team against the eligibility criteria
  3. If project is considered to meet eligibility criteria financial information is requested from applicant for independent feasibility and probity assessment by Invest Victoria
  4. Consolidated assessment by Development Facilitation Team and Invest Victoria presented to Standing Advisory Committee, to recommend either an accelerated assessment and determination or reversion to the standard planning process.
  5. Recommended project is referred the Priority Project Team for detailed merits assessment prior to the Minister for Planning making a decision.


For all enquiries please contact:

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Page last updated: 22/07/21