Clause 13.02-1S requires strategic planning and decision making to:

  • prioritise the protection of human life
  • consider the landscape risk; development should be directed to lower risk locations and avoided in areas where there is an extreme bushfire risk
  • consider the effect of the proposal on bushfire risk and whether bushfire risk has been adequately addressed
  • consider alternate locations for development where the bushfire risk may be less or can be reduced through appropriate bushfire protection measures
  • consider the availability and accessibility of safe areas
  • consider the views of the relevant fire authority
  • consider whether the minimum radiant heat exposure benchmarks can be met
  • consider bushfire protection measures for the proposal and their effect on bushfire risk
  • consider any significant biodiversity values that need to be considered, what effects any risk mitigation will have and if the outcomes are acceptable.

Page last updated: 07/11/22