The Viva Energy Gas Terminal Project comprises the development of a gas terminal using a ship known as a Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU), which would be continuously moored at Refinery Pier in Corio Bay, Geelong.

The FSRU would store Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) received from visiting LNG carriers (that would moor directly adjacent to the FSRU), and regasify the LNG as required to meet south-eastern Australian gas market demand.

The key components of the project:

  • a jetty footprint of two hectares (including the existing Refinery Pier footprint) for construction of an angled jetty arm (approximately 570 metres long) to the existing Refinery Pier and ancillary jetty infrastructure including high pressure gas unloading arms;
  • continuous mooring of an FSRU, up to 300 metres in length, at the new berth;
  • dredging to deepen an area of 30 hectares in the vicinity of the Refinery Pier;
  • construction of nitrogen and odorant injection facilities on refinery premises;
  • construction of 2.5 kilometres of aboveground gas pipeline connecting the FSRU to the new injection facility; and
  • construction of four kilometres of underground gas transmission pipeline, connecting to the South West Pipeline (SWP) at Lara.


Scoping requirements

The scoping requirements set out the matters to be investigated and documented in the EES.

Draft scoping requirements for this EES were placed on public exhibition in April-May 2021. After considering public submissions on the draft scoping requirements, the Minister for Planning issued final scoping requirements in July 2021, dated June 2021.

Scoping Requirements Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Consultation plan

Viva Energy has prepared a consultation plan for the EES, outlining the opportunities and approaches for its community engagement during the preparation of the EES.

The plan may be updated as required during the preparation of the EES. If the plan changes, the updated version will be posted on this page.

Technical reference group

The Department will convene an inter-agency Technical Reference Group to advise the proponent and the Department, as appropriate, on scoping and adequacy of the technical studies during the preparation of the EES, as well as coordination with statutory approval processes.

Minister's decision

On 28 December 2021 the Minister for Planning required Viva Energy Gas Australia Pty Ltd to prepare an EES under the Environment Effects Act 1978 to assess the potential environmental effects of the project.

More Information

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