Amendment VC148 changed Clause 52.06 (Car parking) to reduce car parking requirements for land that is (wholly or partly) within 400 metres of public transport on the Principal Public Transport Network (PPTN). The land where the reduced parking rates apply is referred to as the PPTN Area. The reduced parking rates are specified in Column B of Table 1 in Clause 52.06 and apply to the whole of the land, even if only part of the land is within the PPTN Area.

The PPTN Area Maps are incorporated in the Victoria Planning Provisions at Clause 72.04 as one document titled Principal Public Transport Network Area Maps (State Government of Victoria, August 2018). It consists of 33 maps covering 31 municipalities.

The incorporated document was originally introduced via Amendment VC148 and subsequently updated by Amendment VC151.

The PPTN Area is included as an interactive layer in VicPlan.

Principal Public Transport Network Area Maps Thumbnail

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