Distinctive Areas and Landscapes Legislation

In 2018, the Victorian Government passed landmark legislation to recognise and safeguard the state’s distinctive areas and landscapes and to achieve better coordinated decision-making by government agencies, local councils and other key parties.

The Planning and Environment Amendment (Distinctive Areas and Landscapes) Act 2018, enables the government to declare a distinctive area and landscape subject to meeting strict criteria.

Once declared, a Statement of Planning Policy must be prepared for the area in partnership with Traditional Owners, local councils and the community.

A Statement of Planning Policy will include a long-term vision of at least 50 years, policy objectives and strategies to achieve the vision, and a strategic framework plan for guiding the future use and development of land in the declared areas.

This plan may identify long-term settlement boundaries to ensure that development does not inappropriately encroach into valued natural and rural landscapes.

Once implemented, Parliament must ratify any future changes the settlement boundaries. This is the same process in place for Melbourne’s Urban Growth Boundary.

Distinctive Areas and Landscapes Legislation Fact Sheet (PDF, 135.8 KB)

Page last updated: 28/06/22