Planning guidelines for development of wind energy facilities


The planning process for a wind energy facility can be complex. It is strongly recommended that proponents engage a planning consultant to assist them. This will save time, reduce confusion and improve outcomes for applicants. A planning consultant can also assist applicants in saving time preparing plans and other documents to submit a permit application or amend a permit. They can also help you with navigation through the planning process after lodgement.

Victoria has abundant wind resources, and wind energy facilities have the potential to provide for a significant proportion of Victoria’s growth in electricity consumption. Victoria’s wind resources are well suited to supporting a large-scale grid of connected wind energy facilities. The Victorian Government supports the development of the renewable energy sector as an important contributor to the sustainable delivery of Victoria’s future energy needs.

These guidelines advise planning decisions about a wind energy facility proposal. This document is referenced in clause 19.01-2S and 52.32-6 of the Victoria Planning Provisions (VPP).

The guidelines set out:

  • a framework to provide a consistent and balanced approach to assist the assessment of wind energy projects
  • a set of consistent operational performance standards to inform the assessment and operation of a wind energy facility project
  • guidance as to how planning permit application requirements might be met
  • a framework for the regulation of wind turbine noise.

The guidelines also provide advice about inappropriate locations for wind energy facilities. They provide a framework to ensure proposals for wind energy facilities are thoroughly assessed, including other considerations and approvals required in the planning process.

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