The Minister for Planning is the responsible authority for new planning permit applications for energy generation facilities that are one megawatt or greater.

This includes renewable energy and non-renewable energy facilities such as:

  • wind
  • solar
  • pumped hydro
  • gas
  • waste-to-energy.

The minister is also the responsible authority for new planning permit applications for utility installations, including:

  • batteries with capacity of 1 megawatt or greater
  • power lines and substations that connect energy generation facilities to the electricity network
  • power lines with a capacity exceeding 220,000 volts
  • substations exceeding 66,000 volts.

Renewable energy projects in Victoria

See the location and details of renewable energy generation facilities and projects in Victoria.

Planning applications

We provide a pre-application service to applicants. You can request a pre-application meeting online – download and complete the request form below, and upload when requesting a pre-application meeting online.

Request a pre-application meeting

Planning permit applications for renewable energy projects can be lodged online.

Concierge service for renewable energy projects

Renewable energy projects are a priority for Victoria. Specialist advice is available to support the delivery of these projects and to assist with approval pathways.

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Renewable energy action plan

The Renewable Energy (Jobs and Investment) Act 2017 supports a target of 25 % renewable energy generation by 2020 and 40 % by 2025. In 2018, the Victorian Government announced a commitment to increasing the target to 50 % by 2030.

Victoria’s Renewable energy action plan outlines the action we are taking to encourage investment in the renewable energy sector, to ensure Victorians benefit from a renewable, affordable and reliable energy system into the future.

Page last updated: 14/11/23