3D modelling and analysis:

Modelling for strategic planning projects including activity centres and precinct wide built form capacity.


Knowledge and enterprise precinct

Primary location for office, education and function centre uses.

Campus form, mid-rise development incorporating character of the wool store and new council office.

Blue buildings show visualisation of knowledge and enterprise precincts potential buildings in 2050.


Visualise and assess:

Test development proposal's impact on its surroundings.


Support ministerial submissions:

Technical built form analytics for VCAT and Panel hearings.


Determine potential build form:

Test envelopes and alternative scenarios for strategic sites, significant places and urban renewables.


Represent planning schemes:

Visualise in three dimensions and assess compliance.


The Footscray Precinct roadmap provides a framework that builds on Footscray's strengths and aligns redevelopment.


Flythrough videos and animations:

Communicate planning instruments and support community consultations.


Digital twin Victoria and VIC3D integration

All 3D models and 2D layers generated can be easily integrated.

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