VicPlan - Zones & Overlays map viewer allows you to find a property or parcel anywhere in Victoria, access links to all applicable planning rules, and generate a planning property report.

View the VicPlan introductory video for a guided tour of the viewer and its functionality.

If you know the address or parcel number, type it into the search bar. You can also start by searching for a locality or local government area.

If you don’t know any of these details, browse the map by clicking and dragging the map to a location. You can double-click on the map to zoom or use the plus and minus buttons in the top-left to zoom in and out.

Point and click at a location to see a list of property and parcel options in the left-hand panel.

A parcel an individual piece of land that can be sold separately, and is also known as a lot. It usually has one proprietor or owner.

A property is land, typically identified by a street address or a rate assessment number, that is under common occupation for the purpose of rating, billing or habitation. A property can be made up of one parcel or contain many parcels, or be one part of a parcel or parcels.

Only the top five predictive searches are shown, and they are displayed alphabetically. If the address you are looking for isn't listed, keep typing and it should appear as the options narrow.

Yes, you can search for a suburb or local government area.

Once the area is displayed, you may need to zoom to view zones and overlays, which are visible at a scale of 1:25,0000 or lower.

Zones and overlays are only visible at a scale view of 1:25,000 or lower. Zoom in to see them.

Use the ‘Zones’ and ‘Overlays’ buttons in the top left to turn each layer on and off.

VicPlan displays all overlays in the viewed area when switched on. Grouping them in this way enhances the ease of use and performance of the viewer.

If you wish to view only selected overlays, you can do so using Planning Maps Online – a more detailed viewer for more advanced tasks.

However, VicPlan will show individual images for each overlay type that applies to a property when you generate a property/parcel report.

Every planning scheme zone and overlay control has a unique code that is a combination of colour, text and numbers.

Clicking the ‘Legend’ button in the top panel will display all the zones or overlays in Victoria, listed alphabetically by their code, with the associated colour that represents each one on the map.

For more information about zone and overlay codes, visit the Planning Schemes Online help section.

Yes. Clicking the ‘Map’ icon in the bottom left corner of the map allows you to select an aerial or hybrid view.

The hybrid view allows you to view map and aerial imagery at the same time.

Vicmap data is the authoritative spatial data for the State of Victoria. It is the foundation of Victoria's primary mapping and geographic information systems.

View the VicMap data currency information online for more information about map updates.

You can only click on a location when zones and overlays are visible – at a scale of 1:25,000 or lower.

Point your cursor to the site and click once to bring up property and parcel options in the left-hand panel.

Once you have selected a property or parcel, links to all the relevant sections of the local planning scheme for each zone and overlay will appear in the Property/Parcel Information Panel.

A property or parcel planning report provides you with all the zone and overlay information for the selected property, along with a series of maps and links to the relevant sections of the local planning scheme, in a downloadable file.

When you have selected a property or parcel, at the bottom of the Property/Parcel Information Panel you will see the ‘Create Property/Parcel Planning Report’ button.

Click this button to generate your report.

Zone and overlays spatial map data is updated weekly, generally on a Thursday.

This function allows you to produce an image or PDF file of what is visible on your map and download it. After selecting ‘Export map’ and reviewing the options available, click ‘Print’ to generate a file.

You can change what part of the map is included in the file by unticking the ‘Lock print preview with map’ option and adjusting the map by panning and zooming to the desired area.

Historic information is available on the Planning Schemes Online website.

From early-2018, VicPlan will begin collecting historic point-in-time planning scheme data. This means, in future, users will be able to access planning scheme information for any date from 2018 onward.

PDFs will be retained for access to historic information pre-2018.

On occasion some large map views can freeze when they are being generated. You may need to refresh your browser to fix the freeze, but refreshing the page will start the process over.

More information

If you require further assistance, have general enquiries or have any feedback about VicPlan please contact Smart Planning below:

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