VicPlan is an initiative of the Victorian Government smart planning program.

Smart planning is reforming the Victorian planning system to be more efficient effective and accessible.

VicPlan is the state’s new map viewer to find planning zone and overlay information for locations across Victoria. Using VicPlan you can more easily access and understand planning rules that apply to a property.

VicPlan is available on the planning schemes online website, it is the first in a number of web improvements.

Zones and overlays are now realigned weekly resulting in more accurate data. VicPlan will replace the 15,000 static maps of Victoria.

You can search to find a planning scheme that apply to a specific property or parcel, browse by locality or locality government area.

Find a property by point-and-click and the results will appear on the left of the map in the property information panel. You can see the zones and overlays resulting from your search with direct links to the relevant section of the planning scheme.

Download the property report as an interactive PDF with separate images for each zone and overlays that applies.

The legend lists all the zone and overlay abbreviations. Turn off the zones or overlays or both layers to get a clearer view of the map.

You can switch to aerial imagery or a hybrid view and easily save a PDF file or image of your map. Use the help button for information on using VicPlan.

For more information about VicPlan please go to

Page last updated: 13/06/23