VicPlan - Zones & Overlays is a state-wide map resource to quickly and easily find planning scheme information for properties and parcels across Victoria.

Locate your site - via search or map browsing - and access direct links to all the applicable planning rules. Generate planning reports with links to the relevant planning scheme information and localised maps showing zones and overlays.

VicPlan provides more reliable and accurate information, with data updated weekly across the state. Previously, it could take more than 12 months to compare and align each of the individual 82 planning scheme’s data to properties one at a time.

It is replacing the difficult-to-use 15,000 static PDF maps that provide location-based zone and overlay information. They will remain available for historic information.

VicPlan is an initiative of the Victorian Government’s Smart Planning program. Smart Planning is reforming the Victorian planning system to be more efficient, effective and accessible.

Who should use VicPlan?

VicPlan is particularly helpful for home- and business-owners, or those looking to buy a property, who want to know what uses are allowed at a location.

Being mobile- and tablet-friendly means you can now easily access planning scheme information away while looking at a property.

It is also handy for government and private planning professionals who want quick access to property information for reports or advice.

VicPlan is a quick, easy-to-use resource for accessing the zone and overlay details for particular sites.

It is complemented by Planning Maps Online, a more detailed planning spatial data viewer, with advanced tools for tasks more commonly undertaken by planning or mapping professionals. Both resources, as well as Planning Scheme Histories, are available on the Planning Schemes Online website.

More features coming soon

In early-2018, various enhancements will be made to VicPlan, including point-in-time historical zone and overlay information.

VicPlan will begin tracking zone and overlay updates so that, in the future, you will be able to view information for any date from 2018 onward. Existing PDF maps will remain available for pre-2018 data.

User feedback over the coming months will help inform further enhancements.

VicPlan help

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More information

If you have any general enquiries or require further assistance about VicPlan please contact Smart Planning below: 

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