VicPlan is Victoria’s official statewide planning zone and overlay information service covering all 3.5 million properties in Victoria.

VicPlan was introduced in August 2017 to replace the traditional 15,000 PDF grid maps and will fully replace the Planning Maps Online website.

VicPlan is one of the many tools available on Each year, more than 5 million people use our planning tools and over 2.5 million people access Planning Report.

The tool utilises the latest ESRI technology and overtime will be further enhanced to introduce new datasets and features.

The updates for Release 2.2.2 include:
  • Switching between base maps issue has now been resolved
  • Overlay Filter tool issue resolved
  • Planning Scheme Overlay display resolved
Our next release will include:
  • Geolocation feature which denotes user’s device location on the map
  • Advanced tab for sophisticated analytical and visualisation tools
  • Improved searching with more options
  • Date stamp on imagery layer
  • A key future priority for 2018/2019 is the introduction of Planning Scheme Spatial Histories which will enable the end the production of the traditional PDF grid maps. These initiatives will help realise the goal of a fully digital planning system in Victoria.

    We are keen to engage with VicPlan users in the design of future releases of VicPlan. A feedback form can be found within the application on the Home tab of the toolbar.

Release 2.2.1 
  • Users can now customise the styles of both property and parcel map layers
  • User survey available on start up
  • Repair to the historic 1985 Planning Scheme map, missing sections replaced
  • Fix of overlay map labels
Release 2.2.0
  • New data catalogue from which additional map layers can be added to VicPlan
  • New Overlay intersector tool, extends existing Zone intersector function to overlays
  • Improved map layer styling to better distinguish Planning Scheme Overlays and other map layers
  • New data includes all catalog layers, ie. Precinct Structure Plan areas, ABS Population, land use, vegetation and many more layers
Release 2.1.0
  • Improved performance and security
  • Integration of Google Street View
  • New tools - Data Import, Zone Intersector, Overlay Filter, advanced property/parcel search
  • Improved styling to distinguish Heritage and Built form Overlays & new ICO and SCO overlays
  • Map legend for historic planning scheme maps
Release 2.0
  • A new look planning report
  • Simplified tools to measure distance/area, mark-up map and filter data layers
  • A new car parking/PPTN interactive map to support changes to car parking provisions introduced by Amendment VC 148
  • Improved printing functions including templates up to A2 in size
  • New datasets previously provided in Planning Maps Online (PMO) including:
    • Bushfire areas
    • Heritage features
    • Growth Areas
    • Historic Planning Schemes (1960s-1980s)

VicPlan training videos and FAQs are available online

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