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Land use buffers and separation distances can help manage the location and siting of both industries and sensitive uses, such as residential development, to minimise land use conflict.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) is reviewing how the planning system can better manage buffers between industries and sensitive uses.

How best to manage the interface between industries and sensitive uses is a longstanding planning issue. Currently, planning approaches to address buffer issues can vary, be complex and lead to inconsistent decision making.

In addition to the impact of land uses with offsite impacts on the amenity of sensitive uses, unplanned encroachment of sensitive uses can constrain the operation of industries, including critical infrastructure.

DELWP engaged Environmental Resources Management Australia Pty Ltd (ERM) to review how land use buffers and separation distances are currently managed in the Victorian planning system. The ERM technical report (PDF, 2.3 MB) provides an assessment of the current planning policy and tools in the Victoria Planning Provisions and analyses local and international case studies to understand how planning currently manages conflicting land uses.

The DELWP review responds to:

Guiding principles

The following principles have been identified to guide feedback and discussion about managing buffers and separation distances in Victoria and the future planning reforms.

Guiding principles for buffers

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Planning for buffers and separation distances

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