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Planning policy for major hazard facilities

The safety and amenity of residents living in areas near major hazard facilities is a priority, along with ensuring continued viability and growth of these industries.

State planning policy at clause 13.07-2S Major hazard facilities of the Victoria Planning Provisions and all planning schemes recognises the state significance and overall importance of major hazard facilities to the Victorian economy.

It outlines the need to manage land surrounding major hazard facilities to avoid sensitive uses, or uses that could increase the number of people who live and work close to a major hazard facility.

The policy also identifies how threshold distance requirements should be managed for existing and new major hazard facilities.

Planning scheme amendments

Ministerial direction 20 requires planning authorities to seek and have regard to the views of WorkSafe Victoria and the Minister for Industry and Employment when preparing a planning scheme amendment for, or within the threshold distance of a major hazard facility.

Engaging early in the planning process ensures appropriate advice regarding the use and development of land within threshold distances can be considered and incorporated into an amendment. This approach provides an early opportunity to address potential issues and can assist a planning authority by reducing delays later in the amendment process.

Victorian Government Response

In January 2018, the government released its response to the Major Hazard Facilities Advisory Committee Report on how to better manage land surrounding major hazard facilities.

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