Bushfire Prone Area (BPA)

Areas that are likely to experience bushfires are designated as BPA.

If your property is in a BPA, your building permit will require that you meet specific construction standards for bushfire protection.

Information about building in the BPA

You may also need planning approval to use or develop your land

Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO)

The BMO applies to land that may be significantly affected by extreme bushfires. If you are in the BMO, the BPA also applies.

If your property is in a BMO, you may need a planning permit if you want to build or develop your land.

If your development requires a planning permit your planning permit application will need to address the bushfire hazard.

Information about building in the BMO

Ongoing Permit obligations

Permits for buildings and works in the Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) come with ongoing requirements such as the maintenance of a driveway to allow access for fire trucks and maintenance of dedicated water tanks for fire-fighting purposes.

Purchasers of established properties in the BMO should be aware that ongoing obligations tied to a permit for development on the property may exist.

Speak to the local council to obtain more information on any existing planning permits and ongoing requirements.

Page last updated: 25/01/22