The bushfire hazard in the surrounding landscape must be assessed when preparing any strategic document. This involves:

  • identifying bushfire hazards in the broader landscape, up to 20-75km from a given location
  • considering the surrounding physical environment and how this could influence fire behaviour i.e. slope and topography
  • identifying bushfire scenarios that may impact the site, for example the direction a bushfire could approach, and the distance of a bushfire run to the location
  • assessing the likely influence of weather conditions, such as wind, during a bushfire event
  • identifying the availability of evacuation routes and safer areas
  • considering existing or proposed fire prevention and emergency management activities
  • deciding if the risk can be mitigated and incorporating appropriate bushfire protection measures in the design and/or policy response
  • the bushfire history in the area.

For guidance refer to Planning Permit Applications Bushfire Management Overlay Technical Guide 2017

This includes information on how to prepare a landscape assessment, assess the bushfire risk in the landscape, and how to use this information to assess the viability of planning proposals. Whilst this document has a heavy development focus, it is also a good guide for preparing landscape assessments for strategic planning applications.

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Page last updated: 07/11/22