Achieve no increase in risk to human life and reduce risks where possible through effective decision making

Planning decisions aim not to increase the bushfire risk to existing and future residents, property and community infrastructure.

This is achieved over time through many planning decisions that consider and apply the state bushfire strategies and other bushfire planning provisions. These decisions strengthen the resilience of settlements and communities to bushfire and prioritise the protection of human life.

The state bushfire policy is explicit that proposals must only be approved where a landowner or proponent has properly considered and assessed bushfire hazards and demonstrated that risk to life can be mitigated and reduced through bushfire protection measures.

Effective decision making will often be supported by the advice of bushfire and emergency management experts.

The state bushfire policy requires decision makers to consult early with emergency management agencies and the relevant fire authority to receive their recommendations on appropriate bushfire responses.

This is particularly important for strategic and policy proposals, and planning scheme amendments. This includes Victoria’s fire authorities (Country Fire Authority, Fire Rescue Victoria and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning), and local councils through their municipal fire prevention functions.

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Page last updated: 07/11/22