The Planning Policy Framework includes policies that provide the context for decision making by planning and responsible authorities in relation bushfire.

Clause 13.01-1S Natural Hazard and Climate Change

Clause 13.01-1S seeks to minimise the impacts of natural hazards and adapt to the impacts of climate change through risk-based planning.  It ensures, that hazard assessments, risk assessments, strategic planning and planning applications have regard to all natural hazards and their risks.

Clause 13.02-1S Bushfire planning

Clause 13.02-1S, the state bushfire policy provides specific strategies that guide and direct decision making. They have been developed over many years in response to the increasing risk of bushfires in Victoria.

The objective of the policy is to strengthen the resilience of settlements and communities to bushfire through risk-based planning that prioritises the protection of human life.

The policy must be applied when land is:

  • within a designated bushfire prone area;
  • within a Bushfire Management Overlay; or
  • proposed to be used or developed in a way that may create a bushfire hazard.

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Page last updated: 25/01/22