Using VicPlan

How to find what bushfire controls apply to your property

Create a free Planning Property Report:

  • Start entering a property address in VicPlan and select the address you want from the drop down list that appears.
  • The map will zoom to the property location and an information panel will appear on the left. Select 'Create Planning Property Report' in the information panel to generate a pdf property report.

You can also zoom and pan to any property on the map to create a property report.

  • Click on the property on the map
  • From the information panel choose the Properties option then click on the Planning Property Report hyperlink. A pdf Planning Property Report will download.
  • Note: the same report can be generated for Parcels, simply choose the Parcel option rather than Properties.

Alternatively, use the VicPlan map. This helps if the property is in a new subdivision and a property report cannot be generated yet.

  • Enter the address at VicPlan. If this does not provide a result, enter an established road nearby and zoom in or out to locate your property. Links to the applicable zone and overlay(s), including the Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) if it applies, will appear in the left panel.
  • To find out if a designated Bushfire Prone Area (BPA) applies:
    • select 'Layers' (bottom of left panel)
    • in the left panel, next to Bushfire, tick the box and click on the +
    • bushfire controls will apply if the BMO or BPA appear on the property.

What's in the property report?

The report includes: the zone and any overlay(s) that apply, Bushfire Prone Area (BPA) status and a map showing extent of the BPA. It also shows the Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) if it applies to the property.

The information in the property report reflects the current planning controls in the planning scheme.

Link to a relevant clause and schedule in the planning scheme

You can link to the relevant planning scheme provision from the Planning Property Report. For example, if the BMO, or any schedule to the BMO, applies to the property, you can link directly to them. If any schedule to the BMO applies to the property it will be shown as BMO with a number next to it, for example BMO1.

What else can I do in VicPlan?

You can also interact with VicPlan including to:

  • measure distances and areas
  • navigate to an area of interest by using simple navigation tools
  • view the extent of the bushfire prone area for larger areas
  • view applicable planning zones and overlays to an area
  • produce a custom map or print for later viewing
  • view aerial imagery

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Page last updated: 05/01/21