Dwellings under clause 44.06 BMO

The 'Dwellings under clause 44.06 BMO rule' only applies to new dwellings or extensions to an existing dwelling considered under the Bushfire Management Overlay.  

The exemption does not require the application for a new dwelling or alteration or extension to an existing dwelling to be accompanied by a permit application to clear vegetation for:

  • the footprint of a new dwelling
  • the footprint of alteration or extensions to an existing dwelling
  • the creation of defendable space for the new dwelling
  • the creation of defendable space for an altered or extended building – the whole building, not just that part that is extended or altered.

For the exemption to apply the land must be in one of the following zones:

  • General Residential Zone
  • Residential Growth Zone
  • Neighbourhood Residential Zone
  • Urban Growth Zone
  • Low Density Residential Zone
  • Township Zone
  • Rural Living Zone
  • Farming Zone
  • Rural Activity Zone.

The exemption applies to outbuildings.  An outbuilding can include things like garages, carports, barns, gazebos, sheds, stables and storage. Contact your local council about what other structures are included as outbuildings.

Page last updated: 07/08/20