Clearing along a fence line

Landowners and residents can clear any vegetation for a maximum combined width of four metres either side of an existing fence on a boundary between properties in different ownership.

A fence must be constructed before 10 September 2009.

This rule applies to areas designated as a bushfire prone area under the Building Act 1993.

If the fence was not constructed before 10 September 2009, then the exemption does not apply.  A planning permit may be required to clear vegetation along the fence line. For more information about planning permit requirements in your area contact your local council.

Note: The clearing alongside both sides of the fence when combined must not exceed 4 metres in width, except where land has already been cleared 4 metres or more along one side of the fence, then up to 1 metre can be cleared along the other side of the fence.

Diagram of three blocks showing variations to fence line clearing rule: 1m on one side and 3m on the other side; 2m on either side; 4m on one side and 1m on the other

Note: Before any vegetation is cleared from a neighbour's property, including roadside, parks and reserves, written permission must first be obtained from the landowner or land manager.

Page last updated: 07/08/20