Single dwellings in specified urban zones have access to a streamlined process for preparing and assessing a planning application – Pathway 1.  

Simpler application requirements apply, and specified bushfire protection measures must be met.

Application pathways in the BMO are set out in the Planning Permit Applications Bushfire Management Overlay - Technical guide.

Speak with your local council if you are unsure if this pathway applies to your development.

Drawing showing a house with driveway and shed in a rural setting with some trees and hills behind

When does Pathway 1 apply?

Pathway 1 applies to single dwellings in the following urban zones:

  • Neighbourhood Residential Zone
  • General Residential Zone
  • Residential Growth Zone
  • Urban Growth Zone
  • Low Density Residential Zone
  • Township Zone
  • Rural Living Zone.

Find out if your land is in an urban zone

Do I have to use the specified bushfire protection measures?

You do not have to use the specified bushfire protection measures.

An application that does not meet all the bushfire protection measures will be assessed under a standard assessment pathway and will require referral to the local fire authority.

Planning permit application

The application needs to address the bushfire protection objectives and design measures set out in clause 53.02: Bushfire Planning in your local planning scheme. Clause 53.02 works alongside the BMO.

An application must meet all the approved bushfire protection measures for:

  • building siting and bushfire attack level (BAL)
  • defendable space and vegetation management requirements
  • on-site water supply
  • emergency services vehicle access.

For more information on design measures refer to:

What information do I need to provide?

An application must provide a:

No landscape bushfire hazard assessment is required.

Use the template to fill in the relevant information and submit to your local council. View templates

Before preparing your application, speak with your local council to identify any issues you need to address.  

A bushfire planning consultant can help you prepare and manage a planning permit application. A list of accredited bushfire planning and building practitioners is available on the Fire Protection Association Australia website (note: this is not a comprehensive list)

How will my application be assessed?

Your local council will assess your application based on the requirements and decision guidelines in the bushfire planning provisions.

The council will consider whether:

  • all required documentation has been provided
  • the proposed development meets the objectives of the BMO and clause 53.02
  • risk had been considered and can be mitigated or warrants the development not proceeding
  • the proposed protection measures can be implemented and maintained alongside the ongoing use of the land
  • any other requirements in the planning scheme are met.

Page last updated: 07/08/20