August 2023

What has the Minister for Planning determined?

The Minister has approved Amendment C182dare to the Darebin Planning Scheme, including new zones and overlays to guide the future development of the precinct and to protect the heritage significance of the market.

The amendment includes an:

  • Activity Centre Zone
  • Development Plan Overlay
  • Heritage Overlay

Other provisions also apply to manage development contributions, environmental audit requirements and provision of parking in the precinct.

The planning controls make the Minister for Planning the responsible authority for the development.

View the amendment documents

How is the market being protected?

The new planning controls require that the market be substantially retained in its current place, while allowing sympathetic change and renewal.

Preston Market will be protected by a new Heritage Overlay which will require any development to conserve and enhance the heritage significance of the site.

A planning permit will also be required for any new buildings and works, including alteration or demolition of any existing buildings.

Learn more about the controls, background and consultation by downloading the document below.

Page last updated: 07/08/23