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What is this guide for?

The application preparation guide has been written for those unfamiliar with the planning system and who are thinking about applying for a permit.

The guide will walk applicants through:

  • planning controls
  • what a planning zone is
  • what an overlay is
  • what information needs to be submitted
  • when information must be submitted.

This guide aims to simplify the planning system for inexperienced applicants and reduce pressure on council planners.

Instructions for use

The guide should be edited and customised to reflect the planning process in your council, including common application types and tricky controls in your planning scheme.

Updating text on the guide

It is important to amend the document as required to accurately reflect the planning process in your council. The guide can also be built out with additional areas of information that would be useful for your applicants.

Where should the guide be available?

The guide should be available on your council’s website in an accessible location so that applicants can easily find it or be directed to it. The guide should be directly shared with applicants where it is determined there is benefit.

Tips to get the most out of this guide

For this template to be most effective at your council, we recommend:

  • a full customisation of the template to reflect council specific processes and common application types
  • ensure the information is easily found on council’s website
  • share the guide directly with applicants who would benefit from it
  • ensure planning staff are familiar with the location and content, so they can advise customers as required
  • remove highlighted text prior to publishing the template
  • store a copy where it can be easily located.

Providing this guide will increase applicant understanding of the process and allow them to progress their application with more independence, which in turn frees up council resources.

Page last updated: 10/01/24