The Urban Development Program Regional Report for Latrobe provides updated analysis of residential and industrial land supply and demand.

Residential land supply

As measured from 2006/07 to 2008/09 residential building approval activity within the municipal area of Latrobe has averaged 454 per annum, the amount of building approval activity as measured on an annual basis has been relatively consistent.

For the land supply assessment for Latrobe, in addition to the Victoria in Future 2008 projections, an alternative demand scenario has been presented ('development trend'). This scenario is a simple trend based assumption directly relating to the amount and distribution of recent residential lot construction activity. An alternative demand scenario was developed due to the significant difference to the projections contained in Victoria in Future 2008 compared to recent building approval and residential lot construction activity.

In total (excluding existing vacant residential lots) there is a residential lot supply of approximately 13,474.

In terms of zoned residential land stocks it is estimated based on the identified supply and Victoria in Future 2008 demand projections, there are sufficient land stocks to satisfy over 15 years of future demand. Alternatively, it is estimated that there is 10 years of supply, based on the 'development trend' scenario. From a supply side, this is based on a zoned lot potential of 5,918 lots.

UDP Regional Residential Report Latrobe

Regional Residential Report - City of Latrobe

Industrial land supply

There are approximately 1,180 hectares of zoned industrial land in the City of Latrobe which can be regarded as conventional industrial land. Of this total, 281 hectares has been identified as supply (or vacant) and of this 179 hectares has been identified as developable.

Based on analysis of aerial photography and stakeholder consultation, the consumption of land in the Latrobe Urban Area Total for industrial purposes has averaged 3.1 hectares per annum between 2006 and 2009.  The majority of consumption has occurred in Morwell and Traralgon. Over the same period consumption in the Morwell Specialised Industrial Area and was 2.6 hectares per annum.

In total, there is in excess of 15 years of industrial zoned land within the municipality based on the average annual rate of land consumption in the period 2006 to 2009. However, this is not evenly distributed across the urban areas; with supply in Traralgon currently estimated at around 12 years.

UDP Regional Industrial Report Latrobe

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