This page provides links to planning scheme amendments that are either currently on exhibition or have recently been approved.

There are also links to view planning permit applications being considered by the Minister for Planning, and Heritage Victoria applications.

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Planning scheme amendments on exhibition

Planning Scheme Submissions due by
Bayside C177bays19/04/2021
Greater Shepparton C168gshe19/04/2021
Greater Shepparton C224gshe19/04/2021
Moreland C180more23/04/2021
Whittlesea C226wsea30/04/2021
Whittlesea C247wsea19/04/2021
Whittlesea C255wsea16/04/2021
Yarra C280yara17/05/2021

Recently approved planning scheme amendments

Select a link below to view an amendment. The link will take you to the amendment on Planning Schemes Online. Once there, you can select the Approval tab to view the approved amendment documents.

If the amendment you are looking for is not displayed below as a direct link, it may be available by accessing Planning Schemes Online and locating it using the instructions provided at the site.

Planning permit applications

Planning permit applications where the Minister for Planning is the Responsible Authority, can be viewed online in the Minister's Planning Permit Application Register.

Heritage Victoria permit applications

View advertised heritage permit applications.

Government Planning Land Service

Other planning scheme amendments may also be on exhibition through the Government Land Planning Service.

Metropolitan and regional offices

Contact the Department's metropolitan and regional offices for assistance or to make an appointment to view documents which are not available online.

Page last updated: 15/04/21