The Amendment Tracking System (ATS) should be used by a Planning Authority (PA) to create and manage planning scheme amendments. ATS has two key components, ATS Tracking and ATS Authoring.

ATS Tracking

You can use ATS Tracking to:

  • Access amendment records (only those created by the PA)
  • Create an amendment
  • Update primary contact
  • Application forms
  • Panel request forms
  • Ordinance changes
  • Supporting documents
  • Manage group access

ATS Tracking

ATS Authoring and interim publish

You can use Authoring and interim publish to:

  • Insert changes to ordinance
  • Produce PDF of ordinance
  • Compare ordinance to planning scheme master

ATS Authoring

ATS Interim Publish

How can I create, progress and submit an amendment?

An ATS tracking user can quickly create an amendment via the ATS tracking dashboard by selecting the Create an amendment button.

  • Once the form is submitted the user will be allocated an amendment number and the amendment details screen will show the available forms based on the status of the amendment
  • All forms include guidance text and a progress bar to show which mandatory fields have not been completed
  • Only when all required fields are completed will the form be able to be submitted to the department
  • When an amendment has a Draft status, it can be submitted for Draft review to the department - available under the Submit options page
  • Uploading of supporting documents may take time due to virus scanning
  • Forms related to Planning Panels functions will be actioned through ATS Tracking by an officer from Planning Panels Victoria (PPV)
  • When the PA is ready to make a decision on an exhibited amendment they will need to submit the following forms in the order listed;
    • Planning Authority decision form (where PA can choose to adopt, split, or abandon the amendment)
    • Submit for approval form (if applicable)
  • A Change amendment details form will be available when the amendment is with the department, under exhibition or Panels and allows the PA to update the amendment title, description, affected land details and upload revised supporting documents.

Application form with the progress bar highlighted

Update Mayor and CEO contact details for your Planning Authority

Email with the updated Mayor and/or CEO contact details which are to include:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email

Update a user’s contact to be a Planning Manager or Planning Director

Email with the details of the user account that is to be updated with Planning Manager or Planning Director.

Further guidance available

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