Amendment tracking and authoring

ATS is the digital tool to support the statutory processing of amendments and the publishing of planning schemes.


  • enables faster, more efficient and accurate amendment of planning schemes by providing planning authorities such as councils with a central place to generate and process planning scheme amendments
  • creates a central system to store, amend and publish planning schemes online
  • improves accessibility to a greater range of planning information for community, industry and local government.

ATS Tracking

ATS Tracking enables planning authorities to track the status of their amendments and allows them to submit their amendment to the Department electronically.

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ATS Authoring

ATS Authoring enables planning authorities to draft, amend and publish ordinances to their planning schemes.

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Have a question about ATS?

We have online guides and training videos that can help you navigate your way through ATS or refer to our ATS FAQs page.

Amendment Tracking System learning videos

ATS training videos are now available.

Need training?

With our classroom based training cancelled, we are now delivering training online. There are two programs to choose from and the ATS training schedule lists available sessions;

ATS Foundation Level - 101 ATS Refresher

Suitable for new users of ATS who have no prior knowledge of the system, these sessions are delivered online (using MS Teams) in small groups of less than 5 attendees and a training environment is used where attendees access the system to complete activities and practice their skills.

Sessions are scheduled over 3 days – 2 hrs each day (Total 6 hrs).

  • One-on-one support is also made available to help new users run through their first ‘real’ amendment.
  • Overview of ATS and the different components that make up ATS
  • The amendment process when using ATS
  • Create an amendment (using a training environment & with a copy of the council’s planning scheme)
  • Author an amendment document, working with tables, images and printing the document
  • Apply the ‘Refresh Workflow’ and reinserting changes back into content
  • Generate an Interim Publish
  • Submit an amendment for Authorisation.
  • Review a current amendment that your council is preparing or updating

Suitable for users of ATS who have used the system previously and who have completed the foundation level training, this session is tailored to the specific needs of those attending.  The session is delivered online and via demonstration so no limit on attendees. Attendees can opt in to use a training environment to practice their skills after the session. The length of the ATS Refresher Training sessions are 2 hours.

If suitable, we can use a live amendment that council is currently working on. The session covers;

  • A focus on ATS Authoring, copying content from prior versions or after a ‘Refresh Workflow’ process has been run
  • Analysing the amendment and correct positioning of newly created ordinance
  • Refreshing knowledge when working with tables and images
  • Formatting content
  • Preparing an amendment for Exhibition and/or Approval
  • Submitting an Exemption/Extension request
  • Review a current amendment that your council is preparing or updating

More Information

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