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View the Urban Design Guidelines for Victoria

The guidelines provide advice on:

  • the design of public spaces
  • building design in relation to a building’s interface with public spaces, and
  • the layout of cities, towns and neighbourhoods.

The Urban Design Guidelines for Victoria are a reference document in all planning schemes through the State Planning Policy Framework.

They support state agencies, local councils, and the development sector to deliver liveable, safe places.

The Urban Design Guidelines for Victoria condense and streamline information from the three former guidelines:

  • Activity Centre Design Guidelines (DSE 2005)
  • Safer Design Guidelines for Victoria (DSE 2005)
  • Guidelines for Higher Density Residential Development (DSE 2004)

They also include much used information in the Interim Guidelines for Large Format Retail premises (DPCD 2007).

Page last updated: 21/05/19